Creative Design-Concept to Completion-Camera Ready

If yours is an original kitchen not keeping pace with your culinary demands or visual sensitivity, a newer kitchen ignoring the very style of the home you so carefully chose, or a small-in-space kitchen you believe sees no hope for a larger life, then you might want a visit from Jan Setterlund, CKD known as The Kitchen Witch. She’s been flying over your neighborhood since 1994. 

If you look to the sky, you might see her fly by.

WHAT IS A KITCHEN WITCH? A Kitchen Witch is a Scandinavian legend of old. If you hang a Kitchen Witch somewhere in your kitchen, preferably close to a hot stove, supposedly nothing will ever burn or boil over. She is a good blessing and certainly worth a try. But don't expect any guarantees.

As Seattle’s  and Snohomish County's only Kitchen Witch Jan’s blessing is quite different from legend and comes with real guarantees.  She will bless and oversee your total kitchen remodel by listening, absorbing, guiding you in sound directions, providing detailed design and construction plans, and coordinating your entire project from start to finish. Jan will never say farewell until every last detail is exactly the way you want and she will be available years after if you have a question, just want to chat, or have another project inside your treasured home needing Kitchen Witch attention.

“Jan was a BLESSING to our home! She thought outside the box, where others couldn’t! She truly did make our dream kitchen happen! If it wouldn’t have been for Jan, I’d still be trying to process and visualize what my dream kitchen would look like! Her expertise, integrity and creativeness made a very stressful process EASY! Jan truly has a gift of listening to the client and has the talent and expertise to put it together. This is money well spent, because there will be “no surprises or problems” down the road that most people face with a kitchen remodel. If you are looking to remodel a kitchen the FIRST step should be with Jan! It will be the best decision you’ll make!”

Sue - Bellevue