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The Kitchen Witch Wants to Say Hello

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my web site. Inside many wonderful vintage homes it is not uncommon to discover a kitchen in dire need of serious attention or a newer kitchen sadly unrelated to the home’s architecture and period style. It is my role as your Kitchen Witch to remedy this dilemma by fashioning 21st century kitchens, each one thoughtfully and lovingly detailed to truly compliment and enhance the history and grace of a bygone era. Your kitchen should be as individual as you are, fitting your needs perfectly and be at peace in its surroundings. It should fit within a reasonable budget, if that is your choosing, and it should have the “wow” factor regardless of cost.

You should know that The Kitchen Witch, born to bless and oversee the total kitchen setting, is required by law to have at least one capricious cat to assist with what continues to be a most unusual calling and huge responsibility, especially when many of the best assignments are inside the kitchens of irreplaceable vintage homes. I’ll admit to pulling rank to get the territory, but I did it only because I knew I would do the finest job with the utmost care. These homes are treasures. They have lived longer than most of us, heard more secrets than any of us, experienced mountains of sorrow and joy, seen little of the world and everything of the world, and are needed just to be here because we need the past as much as we need the present and the future.

Captivating neighborhoods, with diverse cultural settings, awaken the heart and salute the spirit of those who favor living in these timeless houses, which are charming and beautiful in a most imperfect way. It is here I find a range of people, from accomplished gourmet cooks to others who simply want their kitchen largely as a special place to rest, pour a sparkling glass of wine, or chat with a friend. All have unique style, assorted interests, and high expectations; many have a kitchen needing to happen. It is this understanding that draws The Kitchen Witch through open doors, into homes, requesting people’s trust and the trust of the walls that surround them. Although we must respect the past as we lead them to the future, many kitchens inside these treasured homes are more than ready for a warm hug and a bright new smile. I find great joy in making that happen.

Certification in kitchen design, a degree in interior design, and numerous years spent space planning tight spaces and managing large-scale projects helped me to graduate with top honors from The Kitchen Witch Academy and fly off with passion to do what I was born to do. Let me assure you, I have no magic, special powers, or formulas. What I have is a great deal of experience, immense respect for historical architecture, high standards, common sense balanced with imagination, a keen ability to see the big picture yet scrutinize the smallest details, and I do not get intimidated when multiple doorways lead into one room. I know that small or challenging spaces require big design and unique design solutions, a true calling for The Kitchen Witch.

Almost every person I have had the privilege of designing a kitchen for willingly lets me know that they could never have imagined such a wonderful kitchen or even begin to understand how to put all the parts together. Along the way I have met many people who once they know what I do, or have seen my work, will say, “I wish I had known about you before I remodeled my kitchen.” My response, “so do I.” I hope my work speaks for itself.

Blessings To You!


We first saw The Kitchen Witch's work whilst touring on the kitchen and bathroom remodeling tours 15 years ago. We were impressed with her ability to fuse a modern kitchen and a traditional home. Fast forward to 2016 and we were finally ready to remodel our own house - with 4 and a half bathrooms and a 400 sq ft kitchen. We are not high fashion people and believe that the more fashionable something is the sooner it will be last years fashion. So some of Jans ideas were ahead of our own and we took some time to come to terms with e.g. removing french doors in the kitchen, multiple (5) different types of tile in the bathroom etc. But now that its all done and complete it looks completely moder...


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