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An award-winning designer who is constantly inspired to create one-of-a-kind living spaces inside the home. Specializing in kitchens and bathrooms.

A company that appreciates the beauty of a period home and takes a special period sensitive approach when designing VINTAGE FRESH 21st century kitchens, bathrooms and interior spaces for these remarkable dwellings. CREATIVE DESIGN - CONCEPT TO COMPLETION - CAMERA READY. I'm Jan, The Kitchen Witch, and I have been flying about Seattle making magic happen since 1994 and loving every minute of it. I've recently moved to Snohomish because I love the special warmth this small city offers and i am still close to Seattle. Snohomish is a perfect blend of small town historical charm, vintage homes, and a friendly, caring community. I love my home, my white picket fence, and a garden filled with colorful delight and inspiration. Now serving both Seattle and Snohomish County. TOTAL TRANSFORMATIONS and amazed and happy clients has always been my goal. I believe that if you reshape your kitchen, a bathroom, or any room of your home to be all about your needs, your wants, a vision, it can impact your personal world. The Kitchen Witch is here to help you do just that. My promise is you will never find a single project looking just like yours or even closely the same. The Kitchen Witch is ONE-OF-A-KIND design for all home ages and a masterful specialist in turn-of-the-century homes. NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) certified. I strongly believe that a great house and home should function well in today's world, while still forever acknowledging, in a changing fashion, the first shining moment of its birth.


We first saw The Kitchen Witch's work whilst touring on the kitchen and bathroom remodeling tours 15 years ago. We were impressed with her ability to fuse a modern kitchen and a traditional home. Fast forward to 2016 and we were finally ready to remodel our own house - with 4 and a half bathrooms and a 400 sq ft kitchen. We are not high fashion people and believe that the more fashionable something is the sooner it will be last years fashion. So some of Jans ideas were ahead of our own and we took some time to come to terms with e.g. removing french doors in the kitchen, multiple (5) different types of tile in the bathroom etc. But now that its all done and complete it looks completely moder...


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